Afrezza: All About Inhaled Insulin

Anthony Hightower has used Afrezza for the past two years. He credits it (along with a Toujeo, a newer basal insuin) with completely changing his T1D management. In addition to excellent numbers, Anthony shares what else Afrezza has to offer. He explains, he liked it so much, he went to work for Mannkind, the company that makes Afrezza. He and Stacey also talk about the challenges Anthony faced since his diagnosis as a teenager. He admits he spent 20 years trying to avoid thinking about diabetes and credits the online community & the Diabetes Unconference with saving his life.

Stacey also shares what those little “clips” are that come with some pump insets. Her family learned the hard way at the beach a while back! She shares how her husband McGyver’d a soluition when they’d left the clips at home.

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11 responses to “Afrezza: All About Inhaled Insulin

  1. You FAILED to mention that Mr. Hightower is a REGULAR pumper of Mannkind stock:

    You FAILED to mention that he has been used to promote afrezza in OTHER “interviews”:

    You ALSO fail to mention that he is currently EMPLOYED by Mannkind to PROMOTE afrezza at various meetings:

    MOST important is that you FAIL to reveal how COMPENSATION Mr. Hightower is getting to PROMOTE the drug. I seriously DOUBT that he would be NEARLY as enthusiastic were he not getting PAID!

    1. I mention several times before and during the interview that Anthony Hightower works at Mannkind. He even tells the story of how and why he was hired. Appreciate your feedback. It’s important to me to be upfront and honest with my audience.

  2. He uses the drug. It changed his life. He is not the only one in that boat. The other mealtime insulins don’t have these types of success stories.

    Why wouldn’t he be enthused about it.

  3. “Why are you here…?”??? Because Mr. Hightower, in his relentless 24/7 tweeting and “stocktwit” posting promoting the drug and MNKD stock, NEVER mentions that he is a MNKD employee. As such, he LIKELY has a SIGNIFICANT financial interest in the success of the drug. I have little doubt that such interest could sway his opinions.

    If he and the OTHER afrezza fanatics were more HONEST about their connection with Mannkind and about their financial interest in the success of the drug, then I would feel less compelled to remind listeners to listen with a high degree of skepticism.

    1. Financial interest? I stepped down from the day to day operations of the business I started 12 years ago to be a Patient Advocate. I can assure you my employment with Mannkind had nothing to do with any financial interest. My interest is to help other people living with Diabetes. I can also tell you with certainty that my enthusiasm for Afrezza started they day I took my first puff. I have been on every other insulin since purified pork and while they all have kept me alive, none have had an impact on my life like Afrezza. I have never hidden my employment with Mannkind. I’m pretty sure I even talked about how I got my job.

      RisingSkeptic-what is your motive in bashing Afrezza? Have you or anyone in your family ever used it? Be skeptical as your name implies, but you cant’ argue with the numbers. I don’t hide behind a computer screen. If you’re interested in having a one-on-one conversation with me, I would be happy to meet you. I’m based out of Sacramento, CA. Tell me where you are and we can make it happen. Coffee on me (not Mannkind…Me).

  4. Anthony, great to hear your story again!
    You’ll have to tell us how your coffee meeting with Skeptic goes!
    Certainly, there are a LOT of monied interests stacked against Affreza! Let’s add up a few:
    – pump manufacturers. gone.
    – liquid fast acting insulin manufacturers
    – all the work done on Artificial Pancreas (using a pump) gone.
    But of course, nothing ever takes over a market completely.
    I see HUGE markets in the Type 2 market, where a lot of people SHOULD be taking Insulin, but avoid it because of the stigma, or the fear that needing to be “on Insulin” means the last stop before the grave, which is ridiculous since everyone who is reading this post is “on Insulin”. Most are just lucky enough to make their own internally, on demand.

  5. Wow so many haters. I remember when Anthony first trialed afrezza long before he had any paid position. The difference it made to his t1d was amazing and results immediate. The article does mention he is now employed. What is peoples beef? This is a new way of controlling a disease that lets be honest can be very unpredictable. It works for him and others. He is simply sharing his journey. Back off haters, your bitterness is not needed here.

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