Send us your stories!

Did you spot diabetes in the wild? Did you make a friendship based on T1D? How did you find someone in real life for your child – or for you – to lean on? Let’s help each other connect by spreading the word about how we’ve already helped each other. Even something small may help someone else. Doesn’t have to funny or profound, just real!

Taking part in the show is easy. Just record your connection story and send it in. New to audio recording? No problem:

Decide what you’ll say. It’s helpful to write it out first. Please keep your story to 2-5 minutes. If you go a bit long, send it anyway (we’ll edit it for you).

We’re happy to accept professional recordings, but a simple audio file from your phone is great! If you don’t have voice record on your phone, download a simple free app like “Voice Recorder.” Ask your kids if you’re not sure.  (Note, if you have a great story, but you’re stuck on the technical stuff, reach out to us

Start your recording with your name (first name only is fine), town and connection to diabetes. Example: “I’m Kathy, from Columbia, SC and my 11 year old daughter Jane was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 4 years old.”

Email your file to – subject “stories” and please write out the above personal information in the email.

You’re done! Listen to the podcast and spread the word.

Here are some short examples: