Dads and Diabetes: What T1D Fathers Want You To Know

With Father’s Day coming up we’re taking a look at Dads and Diabetes. Two T1D Dads: Alan Nolte and Mark Turner share their perspective on raising children with diabetes.  Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  Alan and Mark met when their daughters hit it off at diabetes camp last year. The girls became long distance … Continued

All About CGMs – Full Interview with CDE Gary Scheiner (Bonus Episode)

Get the most out of your Continuous Glucose Monitor. Certified Diabetes Educator Gary Scheiner joins Stacey to talk about all the CGMs available in the United States. An excerpt of this interview ran in episode 229. We go further in depth on more issues around CGM and discuss more advice.  Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook … Continued

All About CGMs with CDE Gary Scheiner

Get the most out of your Continuous Glucose Monitor. Certified Diabetes Educator Gary Scheiner joins Stacey to talk about all the CGMs available in the United States.  Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  Gary heads up Integrated Diabetes Services, is the author of many books including, Think Like A Pancreas and was the 2014 AADE … Continued

Steel Magnolias is Back in Theaters – A T1D Mom Round Table

Steel Magnolias is getting reissued in a lot of theaters across the country to celebrate 30 years since the movie’s release. The movie has become a touchstone and a bit of a hot spot for  women, pregnancy and type 1 diabetes. This round table first ran last year as Stacey’s local theater was putting on the … Continued

Ask The D-Moms / Caravan to Canada #Insulin4All

Dear DMoms is back, answering your questions about when it’s time for T1D kids to be more independent, worries about camp and handling judgmental friends. In this monthly segment, Stacey and Moira McCarthy share their experiences to help you through diabetes parenting.  Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group Moira shares what her medical crisis has … Continued

All About Lows: Full Interview with CDE Shannon Johnson (Bonus Episode)

A Diabetes Connections Extra! We take a deep dive into low blood sugar with a frank talk about what hypoglycemia means, what the dangers are, how to treat and more Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  This is the extended, full version of our conversation about lows. As with all of our “Extra” episodes, an … Continued

All About Low Blood Sugar with CDE Shannon Johnson / The TCOYD Conference

This week we take a deep dive into low blood sugar. A frank talk about what hypoglycemia means.. what the dangers are, how to treat and more. Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  Stacey talks to Shannon Johnson, a CDE who lives with diabetes herself. Shannon was diagnosed with LADA in hear early 20s and she’s … Continued

Dear D-Moms: “Good” Numbers, Burnout & More

Ask the D-Moms is back! Moira McCarthy and Stacey answer your questions about explaining diabetes to others without creating fear. They weigh in on offering incentives for “good” numbers and give concrete tips about handling burnout. Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  Sign up for our newsletter here Plus.. Community Connection with a campaign to … Continued

Laurian Lane: Mom, Nurse & T1D / “Sweet Genes” Author Susan Sloane

This week, meet Laurian Lane, a labor and delivery nurse now raising three children of her own. Laurian was diagnosed with type one diabetes in 8th grade. When she was older, she began babysitting for Stacey’s family! You’ll hear Laurian’s perspective as a nurse, a sitter and now a mom with type 1. She has … Continued

All About Ketones with CDE Beth Silvers

A Diabetes Connections Extra, all about Ketones. This is the third in our series taking a deep dive into a diabetes management issue. Note: This episode is set up like a Bonus Episode, with none of the regular segments – the interview about Ketones is the entire episode. We’re back to our regular set up … Continued

Colt Scott: An American Ninja Warrior with T1D

This season of American Ninja Warrior, keep an eye out for Colt Scott! Diagnosed with type 1 as a baby, Colt has been a course tester for ANW for 4 years and just recently got the call that he made it to the show.  Colt talks about being a sudden role model – he really just … Continued

Dear D-Moms: Stacey & Moira Answer Your Questions

Our monthly Dear D-Mom segment is back! Moira McCarthy & Stacey take on travel, talking about cure research with our children, and words like “sneaky” and “compliance.” Sign up for our newsletter here In our Community Connection – An update on Lilly’s announcement about a generic, lower cost insulin. Learn more here And Tell Me … Continued

All About Diabetes Camp

Everything you need to know about sending your child to camp! This week, we talk about what parents need to think about, what the staff wants you to know and how to make it a great experience for everyone.  Dr. Henry Anhalt is a pediatric endocrinologist who works at Camp Nejeda, which has been hosting … Continued

Hey Siri! G6 Updates with CTO Jake Leach

Dexcom released an iOS update on February 27th and we take a deep dive into what’s changed and ask about ongoing issues. Stacey talks with Dexcom Chief Technology Officer Jake Leach about the new Hey Siri feature as well as the new ability to add up to ten followers, get a 24 hour in advance … Continued

All About Insulin Pumps with Dr. Jonathan Ownby

We take an in-depth look at insulin pumps this week. It’s the second part in our series, Diabetes Connections Extra where we do a deep dive into one topic. Stacey talks to endocrinologist Dr. Jonathan Ownby about what a pump does, how to get the most out of one and what questions to ask. Insulin … Continued

7 Marathons – 7 Days – 7 Continents: Eric Tozer’s Story

It’s called the World Marathon Challenge: 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. And Eric Tozer did it all with type 1 diabetes: We talk about the path that led Eric to this amazing accomplishment and Stacey asks why anyone would even want to do something like this! We find out about blood sugar … Continued

Ask the D-Moms / #DPodcast Week – Spare a Rose

Advice from the diabetes parents you know and love! Stacey and Moira McCarthy answer your questions in our new monthly segment: Ask the D-Moms.  This week, talking to your child without nagging. Is it possible? We also answer questions about discipline, babysitting and letting go when it really scares you. Plus, it’s Diabetes Podcast Week so … Continued

The Grumpy Pumper Talks About Complications / AADE’s Crystal Broj

Let’s #Talk About Complications. That’s a hashtag created by this week’s guest who’s taking a topic that most of us would rather avoid, and putting it into the spotlight. Chris Aldred is better known as the Grumpy Pumper and he wants us to stop being ashamed to talk about possible complications from diabetes and to … Continued

All About Insulin – Full Interview with Dr. Bryce Nelson (Bonus Episode)

Let’s get back to basics. We’re starting a new monthly series taking a look at the essential facts of diabetes. This week is insulin and this bonus episode includes the entire, much longer interview you might have heard excerpted in episode 207.  Endocrinologist Bryce Nelson takes us through what it does, how it works and … Continued

All About Insulin with Dr. Bryce Nelson

Let’s get back to basics. We’re starting a new monthly series taking a look at the essential facts of diabetes. This week: insulin Endocrinologist Bryce Nelson takes us through what it does, how it works and the differences among brands. Dr. Nelson is also our community connection this week. A family member with type 1 guided … Continued

Dexcom’s CEO on G6 Launch & G7 Update / Changes at Beyond Type 1

Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer answers your questions and looks ahead. We talk about issues with the G6 sensors, Medicare, what happened to the Share servers New Year’s Eve and he takes lots of questions from listeners. Plus, a look ahead to the smaller G7. That new version will have the transmitter and sensor in one … Continued

A T1D Geek Squad? / Bigfoot’s Lane Desborough

Did you ever wish you had a Geek Squad on call for diabetes tech issues? Like one of the big box store helpers. David Panzirer with the Helmsley Trust wants to make it happen, starting with CGMs. David explains why he thinks this will work, who will pay for it, and shares his story; two … Continued

T1D Parenting Advice From Stacey & Moira McCarthy / Katie DiSimone on Tidepool-Loop

Get diabetes parenting advice from two D-Moms you know and trust: Stacey & author/speaker Moira McCarthy.  In a brand new monthly segment, they answer your questions about kids and T1D. Moira is an award-winning travel writer, the author of many diabetes books and articles including “raising teens with diabetes,” and mom to Lauren, diagnosed 21 … Continued

NBC “The Titan Games” Contestant Chris Ruden Lives With #T1D

The new Dwayne Johnson / NBC show the Titan Games premieres this week and body builder Chris Ruden – a previous guest who lives with type 1 – is one of the contestants. You may have seen him in the commercials, he wears a prosthetic arm. Chris talks about how the mental burden of T1D … Continued

T1D & The Great Christmas Light Fight / The Hangry Woman

The Mure family won 50-thousand dollars in the Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC and gave it to JDRF. Stacey talks to Joe Mure who wasn’t sure he wanted to compete at all. He hung up twice on the producers! Joe’s son was diagnosed with type 1 at age 5 and we get the story … Continued

T1D Advocate Quinn Nystrom / MySugr CEO Frank Westermann

Advocate and author Quinn Nystrom was diagnosed with type 1 as a young teenager, just a few years after her little brother developed T1D. Her high school prom date inspired the title of her book, “If I Kiss You Will I Get Diabetes.” Quinn shares her story, talks about running for office and tells us … Continued

Our 12 Year Diaversary – Going Untethered & Other Changes

It’s Stacey’s family’s 12 year diaversary. Benny was diagnosed the first week of December in 2006 just before he turned two. This week, Stacey takes a look back and gives an update on how they’re managing now. There are significant changes to share; Benny started an untethered routine about two months ago. Learn more about … Continued

Talking to Teens About T1D with Jill Weissberg-Benchell

We’ve got a parent’s survival guide when it comes to teenagers and type 1 diabetes this week. What to do when your child doesn’t want to hear about diabetes anymore and hears your helpful advice as just plain nagging. Jill Weissberg-Benchell has a PhD in psychology and is also a certified diabetes educator. We discuss … Continued

DIY to FDA: Howard Look Explains Tidepool + Loop

Loop – the DIY app that helps with automated insulin delivery – may become the first do it yourself diabetes solution to go to the FDA. But why did Tidepool decide to take on this challenge? Stacey talks to Tidepool CEO Howard Look about what this decision means, how it’s going to work and what it means … Continued

Novant Health CEO Carl Armato: Hope, Hospitals and 50+ Years with T1D

Carl Armato was diagnosed with type 1 as an infant, he’s now the CEO of Novant Health, a large hospital system. But Carl didn’t share his diagnosis with many people – partly because of a reaction he got from a coach in middle school – who cut his playing time when he found out. Now … Continued

SU Football Player Andrew Armstrong / JDRF Youth Ambassadors

Andrew Armstrong was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in high school, when college scouts were already coming around. He had the unique experience of being recruited by someone who knew  exactly what he was going through – one of the coaches he met had a daughter with T1D.  Andrew is now in his third year … Continued

Jackson is A T1D Teen Running for More Than Diabetes

This bonus episode is about running, community and finding a way to make a difference. It’s a great way kick off Diabetes Awareness Month.  Stacey worked with Tammy Lowry in her previous job at a radio station. In 2015? Tammy’s son Jackson was diagnosed with type 1, just a few weeks before they were both … Continued

Jen Block: Behind the Scenes at Bigfoot

Stacey talks to Jen Block from Bigfoot Biomedical with a look at why they plan to be more than a pump company, offering help navigating healthcare and a subscription service. Jen is the VP of Medical and Clinical Affairs. She was diagnosed with type 1 her sophomore year in college, during a cross country road trip. … Continued

Renza Scibilia is Deliberately Non-Compliant / Type 1 Renegade Run

Once called deliberately non-compliant, this week’s guest is all about the importance of language when it comes to diabetes. Renza Scibilia has some strong opinions about why words really matter. We’ll talk more about her non compliance – it has to do with her Looping, using one of the do it yourself options – and about … Continued

Eversense: The Implantable CGM

Darrell Greene is one of the first people to try Eversense, the implantable long-term CGM from Senseonics. With Eversense, a doctor places the sensor in the upper arm where it stays for three months. More information here. Darrell explains what the experience is like, how the sensor feels under the skin and shares his story of … Continued

JDRF Research: Then & Now with Aaron Kowalski

JDRF’s Chief Mission Officer Aaron Kowalski talks about what’s new and next in terms of research. He also gives us perspective on what’s come before including how JDRF helped fund the CGM and hybrid closed loop landscape that we’re all very familiar with now, but that almost didn’t happen. Aaron explains what else JDRF is looking … Continued

“The Resident” Tackles T1D on Prime Time TV

The Fox TV show “The Resident” takes on type 1 diabetes and gets it right! This week’s episode “The Prince and the Pauper” features two plot lines about diabetes. Stacey speaks with the co-executive producer Andrew Chapman on why this issue and why now. Chapman lives with LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) also known as type … Continued

Alec Smith Died While Rationing Insulin (Bonus Episode)

A difficult but important interview with Nicole Smith Holdt. Her son, Alec, died in 2017 just after he came off his parents’ health insurance and realized he couldn’t afford his supplies. He began rationing insulin and died less than a month later. Stacey talks to Nicole about how this could have happened and what her … Continued

Mike Lawson – Open Up Your Bag (Zip Zip Zip)!

“Open Up Your Bag” is a new children’s picture book about diabetes. The story behind it takes us into a great conversation with the author Mike Lawson. Mike was diagnosed as a young adult (after initially being misdiagnosed as type 2) and he shares stories about finding the diabetes community, getting involved in organizations like … Continued

Libre USA Update: Longer Wear, Shorter Warm-Up

Big news for Abbott, the makers of the FreeStyle Libre. This summer the he FDA okayed a shorter warmup and a longer wear for the glucose monitor. Stacey talks to Tim Dunn, Abbott’s Director of Clinical research. They talk about the challenge of longer wear, the practical info you need to know if you use … Continued

Parents of T1D College Students: Overcoming Fear & Letting Go

Letting go of your college-aged child is a challenge even without type 1 on board! We talk to the College Diabetes Network, a college senior with T1D and her mom about fears, communication and making it work. CDN recently surveyed parents about their fears and we’ll share the top ten. Plus, medical help for your … Continued

Miss America Nicole Johnson – Still Changing Minds About T1D

It’s been 20 years since Nicole Johnson took the crown, becoming Miss America. That was just five years after she was diagnosed with type 1. At diagnosis, her doctors told her she was too sick to continue college, to pursue her dreams of being a journalist and to have a baby.  Nicole shares how she … Continued

Basal IQ: Our First Days on Tandem’s New Update

Tandem’s Predictive Low Glucose Suspend is out! Stacey and Benny got the software update on Saturday, August 25, 2018 and this bonus episode includes Stacey’s thoughts on how the first few days turned out.  More information on the Basal IQ software here. Head over to Tandem’s portal to sign up to get the update if … Continued

Spray or Shot? Nasal Glucagon Goes to the FDA

Instead of a rescue Glucagon shot, how about a nasal spray? A simple spray for emergency low blood sugar is in front of the FDA right now. We speak with Lilly Diabetes Senior Medical Director Dr. Thomas Hardy about the need for this product, what it is and how it works.  In our Know Better … Continued

Safe at School – Daycare & Beyond / Stable Glucagon Goes to the FDA

It’s time for back to school with T1D. Do you know your child’s rights and how to best talk to school staff? We have an in depth conversation with Crystal Woodward, Director of the American Diabetes Association’s Safe at School program.  Crystal talks about daycare, preschool and elementary schools. She knows her stuff – in addition … Continued

Flying with Diabetes – T1D Pilots Set a New World Record

Can you pilot a plane when you have diabetes? Our guests this week say absolutely yes! Two private pilots, Douglas Cairns and Thor Dahl, share their stories and explain why they went after a world record recently. They visited the most US states in 24 hours, to show that a T1D diagnosis shouldn’t ground you. … Continued

Treating Lows on the Go – The Glucose Necklace / Benny Talks Camp

One of the problems in carrying low treatments everywhere is actually carrying them. This week, learn about a glucose necklace expected to come to market this fall. Inventor Kris Maynard is a former fire fighter and first-responder who lives with type 1.  Stacey talks to Kris about the product, gets some advice about medical alert … Continued

NFL Rookie Mark Andrews / #SmallVictories in South Carolina

Diagnosed with type 1 at the age of nine, Mark Andrews dreamed of playing professional football. His dream came true earlier this year when he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. They kick off their NFL season this week with the preseason Hall of Fame Game. Stacey talks to Mark about his diagnosis and how he … Continued

Wait Wait Don’t Poke Me! The Diabetes Game Show

It’s our very first show on the road, taped in front of an audience. Nothing serious. In fact, it was a game show – with trivia questions, limericks and more! Play along at home and see how you stack up against our contestants. Our panelists are: Rodney Miller, founder of Bolus and Barbells, Christel Aprigliano, … Continued

“Drink the Juice, Shelby!” – Steel Magnolias 30 Years Later

It’s been more than 30 years since the play & then the hugely popular movie Steel Magnolias came out. It still continues to be a focal point for women, pregnancy and diabetes. When Stacey’s local theater announced their production, she decided to put together this round-table of moms who have type 1.  You’ll hear from: … Continued

Friends for Life / Stacey Answers Your Questions

You’re hearing a lot right now about Children with Diabetes Friends for Life. The largest family diabetes conference in the world starts this week. But how did it begin? What’s it about? You’ll hear from the founder of the whole event. (This episode contains excerpts from our interview with Laura in 2015. You can listen … Continued

Preventing Lows Automatically – Tandem’s Basal IQ

Tandem answers your questions about the newly approved and not- yet-released Basal IQ system. The FDA took a lot of people by surprise by approving it with the Dexcom G6. We talk to Tandem’s Molly McElwee Malloy about how the system works, when it’ll be available to T:Slim users and what’s next for the company. … Continued

Turning 65 With T1D: Medicare & More

Many baby boomers have lived with diabetes for decades, others are newly diagnosed. But everyone finds when they reach 65.. things get complicated. That’s because of course 65 is when Medicare kicks in. Our guest, Dennis Goldensohn has lived with T1D for 50 years and is finished his first year on Medicare. He’s got a … Continued

Top Ten Calls Your Endo Gets in the Middle of the Night

Almost all of us have called our endo or our child’s doctor in the middle of the night. done it. But before you call the hotline again.. you’re going to want to hear from this week’s guest. Dr. Jamie Wood is a pediatric endocrinologist and the Medical Director of the Diabetes Program at Rainbow Babies … Continued

When The Ice Cream Man Has T1D

What happens when you have type 1 diabetes and you own an ice cream shop? Well, you hear a lot of dumb jokes, of course, but you also have a lot of fun. Guest Brandon Wallis also has a little girl with type 1, diagnosed at age 2, and he has some good advice for … Continued

Three Years of the Podcast: KTLA’s Frank Buckley Interviews Stacey

Diabetes Connections turns three years old this week!  To mark the occasion, we turned the microphone around. KTLA News anchor and diabetes dad Frank Buckley interviews Stacey They talk about everything from Smart Insulin to Encapsulation to Stacey’s family and the emotions behind a T1D diagnosis and Stacey looks back to our very first episode … Continued

WNYC’s Sugarland/ Off to Work With Diabetes

Take a look behind the scenes of WNYC’s Sugarland. This radio series, podcast and comic made headlines around the country when it was first published. We’ll talk to the Mary Harris, editor and host of WNYC’s health unit and Dr. Cheryl Olson who has a son with T1D and who contributed to the series.   Gavin … Continued

Dexcom G6 – One Month Later / “Previously Healthy” One Family’s DKA Story

The Dexcom G6 has been on the market for just about one month. Stacey checks in with company CEO Kevin Sayer for a frank discussion about cost, sensor life and integration with pumps and wearable fitness devices like Fitbit.  In our Community Connection this week, learn about “Previously Healthy.” This multi-media presentation aims to put … Continued

Dr. Korey Hood: What’s That Diabetes Device Doing To Your Brain?

Pumps, CGMs and meters can help manage diabetes, but not a lot of thought goes into how they make us feel. New studies are looking at the mental side of diabetes.   Dr. Korey Hood is a clinical health psychologist and Professor of Pediatrics and of Psychiatry at Stanford University. He’s lived with type 1 since … Continued

T1D in the FBI: Caroline Marshall / Singer Ben Rue #BuckOffDiabetes

Determined to serve her country even after a diabetes diagnosis kept her out of the military, Caroline Marshall found a way. She served as a police officer, interned with NCIS and she’s now a special agent with the FBI. You’ll hear on this Mother’s Day episode that she and her husband, a National Guardsman, just … Continued

Dexcom G6 First Impression / “Safe at Work” promo

Stacey’s son started using the Dexcom G6 five days before taping this episode. She gives their first impressions and talks about an earnings call with Tandem that may give some insight into how that company is trying fastrack G6 pump integration. This episode also features a promo for a new podcast called Safe at Work. … Continued

Sean Busby: When T1D Isn’t the Only Diagnosis – #NowYouSeeMe

People with diabetes often live with other conditions as well. Find out about a new campaign called Now You See Me, an effort by the folks at Riding on Insulin to educate about living with multiple diagnosis. Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group! Stacey talks to professional snowboarder and founder of ROI Sean Busby who … Continued

Insulin Pricing: A Conversation with Eli Lilly

A frank conversation with the folks at Eli Lilly on the price of insulin. Stacey asks Mike Mason, Vice President Lilly Diabetes and Dr. Sherry Martin, Vice President of Medical Development to explain current pricing, answer listener questions and talk about the recent push of state legislatures asking for more price transparency. We also get some … Continued

What’s Next for #OpenAPS and Dana Lewis?

Dana Lewis first created #DIYPS in December 2013, just so she could better hear her her continuous glucose monitor (CGM) alarms better. Since that time Dana, and many other diabetes tech pioneers, have pushed forward with the Open Artificial Pancreas System. 5 years later we look at what Dana’s doing now and what she has … Continued

“Skyjack” A T1D Thriller / Christine is Nobody’s Diabetes Hero

Author KJ Howe is back with another book in the Thea Paris thriller series. Skyjack, the sequel to The Freedom Broker, is an action-adventure series where the main character, a hostage rescuer and seriously tough lady, also happens to live with type 1 diabetes. **A few minor audio issues with this show. Stacey sounds like … Continued

Should You Fire Your Doctor? / A Boost for Bigfoot

When you don’t see eye to eye with your endo, or any doctor, what are your options? An interesting conversation about getting the most from your health care provider as well as looking at disclosing diabetes at work. John Chaffier has lived with type one for more than 40 years. He has a lot of … Continued

Dexcom G6 Approved – Bonus Episode

The US FDA this week approved the Dexcom G6 system. It means a smaller sensor and is factory calibrated for 10 days of use, which means no fingerstick calibrations. Stacey talks with Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer about the details about the system, timeline for consumer availability in the US and internationally as well as what … Continued

T1D In Two Homes: Divorce and Diabetes

Diabetes is tough enough on a family. But when divorce is in the picture, managing T1D in two homes can be even more complicated. Sharon Kabbas Chrisman’s daughter was diagnosed at age 11, after she and her husband had been divorced for a few years. Sharon shares her experience, what she learned, mistakes she made and … Continued

The Latest On Libre / College Dining for T1D Students

Abbott gives us an update on their flash glucose monitor, the FreeStyle Libre. Stacey talks to Principal Clinical Research Manager Tim Dunn who’s been working on CGM technology for 20 years.  Stacey mentions “hacks” for the Libre: read more here Join the Facebook Group! Now available on Alexa! In our Community Connection segment, how NC … Continued

Finding the Diabetes Online Community / NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins

Stephan Shaul was diagnosed with type 1 as an adult and says finding the diabetes online community changed his life. Stephan writes the blog Happy Medium and hosts the podcast, Diabetes By The Numbers. He recently joined Maryland’s Advisory Council on Health and Wellness and is part of 2018 Reader Panel at Diabetes Forecast magazine. Stacey … Continued

Actor Austin Basis and “The Kinetix”

Austin Basis, best known for his role on TV’s Beauty and the Beast, navigates a Hollywood career while living with type 1. Now he wants to reach kids with a new comic book about high school kids with disabilities who are secretly superheroes. Austin tells us about The Kinetix and how he and a few … Continued

Should You Take Over-The-Counter Insulin? Rob’s Story

Rob Howe spent 30 days using only over-the-counter, old school insulin from Walmart. Why? He has insurance, he can afford newer insulins and he normally wears the newest Medtronic hybrid-closed loop pump. But he says he had a scare when he thought he might not have the money to buy his regular insulin and he … Continued

JDRF President Derek Rapp With an Update and Look Ahead

JDRF’s President and CEO Derek Rapp joins Stacey for a wide-ranging interview. We talk about everything from stem cells to insulin prices to what JDRF is doing for adults with type 1. Rapp has headed up JDRF since 2014 and has a son with type 1. He shares his story and answers your questions.  Join the … Continued

They Found Love at Diabetes Camp / Spare a Rose

We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a great story. Amy & Andrew Sturniolo met and fell in love at Diabetes Camp, and that’s also where they got engaged. This week, hear the story of those now-newlyweds and find out how Andrew got all of Camp Kudzu to help him propose. Watch the proposal video (Amy is stunned)! … Continued

What’s Next for Tandem? T:slim & Beyond

Find out the latest from Tandem, makers of the T:slim insulin pump. Spokesperson Molly McElwee Malloy shares how close they are to a hybrid closed loop, which they’re calling Control IQ, and other products.  Malloy. diagnosed with type 1 as a young adult, was  in one of the first artificial pancreas trials back in 2006 … Continued

Insulin Pricing Legislation / “A Bad Case..” A T1D Comedy Show

Lawmakers are starting to take a closer look at the price of insulin.  Nevada became the first to pass a law last summer regarding transparency and Colorado may soon do the same. Stacey talks to Colorado State Representative Dylan Roberts about the bill he’s put forward and how it could change things. He also shares his … Continued

The Diabulimia Helpline: Erin’s Story

When you have diabetes, you have to think about food much more often than someone without. But sometimes, all of those food decisions, combined with pressure and perceived loss of control, can turn into a dangerous problem. This week, we tackle a tough subject, what many people call Diabulimia. Stacey talks to Erin Akers who says … Continued

Fitness Advice to Stay “Diabetes Strong”

How are those fitness resolutions going? This week, advice to stay on track and avoid common pitfalls from personal trainer and coach, Christel Oerum from Diabetes Strong. Christel has been living with type 1 diabetes since 1997 and she’s passionate about strength training and healthy nutrition.  Also this week, we talk about the history of the A1C … Continued

Disney Channel’s Jennifer Stone Shares Her Story

Jennifer Stone, best known as Harper on the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, was diagnosed with diabetes four years ago. At the time, she was told to give up her dream of acting. Instead, she found a great care team, got educated and leaned on support of family and friends. She has two movies … Continued

Get Diabetes Organized! Help & Advice for the New Year

Getting organized is always one of the top New Year’s resolutions. But keeping track of everything that goes along with diabetes can feel like an uphill battle. This week, easy and actionable advice from Susan Weiner, the author of The Complete Diabetes Organizer. Susan is the 2015 AADE Diabetes Educator of the Year, a registered … Continued

Lilly: The Newest Diabetes Device Maker

This week, insulin maker Eli Lilly enters the device market with announcements of a diabetes “ecosystem,” including a new automated insulin pump and advanced pens. Stacey talks to Lilly’s Dr. Howard Wolpert & Marie Schiller who both have substantial personal connections to type 1. They talk about why the company made this move, what the tech … Continued

GlucosePath: From Disney to Diabetes

How can Disney math – the kind that helps you wait less and do more in the parks – help people with diabetes? This week, Stacey talks to Len Testa and Dr. Bradley Eilerman to find out. Testa is the brain power behind Touring Plans, The Unofficial Guides to Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney … Continued

Dexcom’s G6, Lilly Partnership & More / The Genteel

Dexcom’s Senior US Medical Director, Tomas Walker, talks to Stacey in a wide-ranging interview. Walker addresses everything from the features of the new G6 system recently submitted to the FDA, changes to the way the adhesive is created (which may have ease skin issues for some) to the news that Dexcom has partnered with Lilly … Continued

Your Diabetes Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Join the New Diabetes Connections Facebook Group Happy Thanksgiving! However you celebrate, holidays and food can be a stressful combination. This week, you’ll hear from a round table of adults with type 1, and one parent of a child with type 1, about the pitfalls of Thanksgiving and about ways to make it work. Great advice, … Continued

Singer-Songwriter Eric Paslay / The Betes Bros

Eric Paslay is a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter. Diagnosed with type 1 when he was ten, he says diabetes has helped him in unexpected ways. Stacey talks to Eric about growing up type 1, knowing he wanted to be a musician as a teenager and what it’s like now that those dreams are coming true. … Continued

Talking to Animas – What Happened?

In October 2017, Animas announced it would exit the insulin pump business and discontinue the manufacturing and sale of Animas® Vibe® and OneTouch Ping® insulin pumps. Stacey talks to the company’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian Levy about what happened, what customers need to know and the future of insulin pumping as a business. Read the … Continued

Diagnosed with T1D on Halloween: Kelly Kunik

Go behind the scenes! Join the new Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  —– Kelly Kunik was 8 years old when she was diagnosed on October 31, 1977. 40 years later, she is a thriving advocate, humorist and blogger (check out her site, Diabetesaliciousness). And she hasn’t missed a Halloween since. Kelly shares her story – quite … Continued

Guilt-Free Food & Nutrition Advice with Melissa Dobbins, CDE / Team Olivia

Go behind the scenes! Join the new Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  —– Melissa Dobbins is an RDN, CDE and award-winning food & nutrition expert. We’re talking with her about food and fads, nutrition and practical and easy changes we can all make. Melissa also hosts the podcast Sound Bites and features Stacey in her latest episode. … Continued

Melissa Dobbins: The Guilt-Free RD / Team Olivia

Go behind the scenes! Join the new Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  —– Melissa Dobbins is an RDN, CDE and award-winning food & nutrition expert. We’re talking with her about food and fads, nutrition and practical and easy changes we can all make. Melissa also hosts the podcast Sound Bites and features Stacey in her latest episode. … Continued

Bigfoot Biomedical & The FreeStyle Libre/ KNOW Foods

Join the new Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  —– Learn about the Abbott Freestyle Libre, a Flash Glucose Monitoring System recently approved in the US. We talk to Dr. Chris Thomas, the director of biosensor technology for Abbott about what exactly the Libre is, how it works and who it’s for.  Plus, Bigfoot Biomedical is now … Continued