Insulin Pricing: A Conversation with Eli Lilly

A frank conversation with the folks at Eli Lilly on the price of insulin. Stacey asks Mike Mason, Vice President Lilly Diabetes and Dr. Sherry Martin, Vice President of Medical Development to explain current pricing, answer listener questions and talk about the recent push of state legislatures asking for more price transparency.

We also get some news on the timeline for nasal Glucagon and a word about Lilly’s new push into encapsulation with Sigilon.

Find out more about Lilly’s Insulin Affordability Program

In our Know Better segment we’ll talk about that emergency glucagon, how it works, what mini-gluc is and a little more about the nasal version.

More information about state legislators calling for price transparency


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1:40 Stacey welcome, insulin pricing background information

6:00 Interview with Lilly’s Mike Mason & Dr. Sherri Martin

40:00 Know Better: Glucagon, Mini Dose Glucagon & Nasal Spray explained

48:20 Where will Stacey be? 

     April: Touched by Type 1  

     May: Lilly Blogger Summit

     May: JDRF One Challenge with Riding on Insulin

     July: Children with Diabetes Friends for Life

     October: Children with Diabetes Falls Church


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