The iLet Bionic Pancreas: An Update From Ed Damiano

This week, Ed Damiano talks about his Bionic Pancreas project. Using a pump called the iLet and a Dexcom CGM, the only information the Bionic Pancreas needs is the user’s body weight. It adapts to you, no need to figure out insulin to carb ratios or correction factors. The iLet will eventually come to market using both insulin and glucagon, but the first version will be insulin-only.

Stacey & Ed talk about the long journey to get to this point, why he had to start a brand new kind of company (Beta Bionics) to help bring the iLet to market and just when he expects it to be available.

Stacey also shares some of what she learned at the recent HealthEVoices Conference and talks about the milestone of this episode: It’s the 100th regularly scheduled show for Diabetes Connections!



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One response to “The iLet Bionic Pancreas: An Update From Ed Damiano

  1. Wow, that device, especially with the integrated glucagon and the way it only needs the weight of the person, is amazing! Sounds like it would be such a great thing for my son …

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