Traveling the World As a T1D Family / Bike Beyond Week 2

Lija Greenseid, her husband Andrew and their son & daughter are recently back to their Minnesota home after almost a year of whirlwind travel. The Greenseids always enjoyed travel and they wanted to show their children, Arija & Adam, more of the world. They picked up and spent 9 months traveling internationally. Since Arija has type 1 diabetes, this took a lot of planning, extra supplies and learning as they went. Lija shares their story.

Also this week, as we follow Bike Beyond all summer long, Stacey talks to Sid Sharma. Sid was diagnosed with type 1 two years ago, at age 27. He’s already biked from London to Paris and is excited to travel through America with the team.

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One response to “Traveling the World As a T1D Family / Bike Beyond Week 2

  1. I enjoyed this podcast! We moved to Italy with our T1 son. Had 22 pieces of luggage at check in. I think most of it was diabetes supplies.! Could really relate. We would take a years supply of d-stuff every time we went back. Also got a taste of what socialized medicine in a country looks like for a T1.

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